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TCI in TISS classrooms
a chance for me and my students 

Methodology Workshop
5 days

January 2006  
TCI – Tata Institute for Social Science (TISS) Mumbai India  

Co-leading: Nishi Mitra

It is a common observation that the classrooms in India (at all levels of teaching) as in many other places in the world are curriculum heavy, teacher centric and lack democratic participation of students. A top down approach with emphasis on volume of information and on rote learning tends to invalidate individual differences and leaves little room for creativity and individual interpretation. The learning that results is exam oriented and has little meaning to students as continuously evolving and maturing humans that are constantly in interaction with a dynamic environment.
The classrooms require a paradigm shift so as to focus not so much on the teacher as the giver of knowledge but the learning processes of the students that make for each one to be a motivated, involved and creative learner. The participants, a group of university level teachers, will experience in the workshop proposed , how TCI provides such a different focus and how it can be feasibly used to make a qualitative difference in the classrooms. 18 sessions within 4 to 5 days allow only a glimpse of the possibilities of Theme Centered Interaction in the classroom; We hope these experiences will motivate the participants to a continuing personal engagement with living learning.
Leading groups with TCI
I choose the proper tools and
interact in a meaningful manner 

Methodology Workshop

Workshop 2 of the Diploma program of Mahatma Gandhi University
5 days

Febrary 2006  

TCI – Hosanna Mount, Pala, Kerala, India  

Co-leading: Teresa Peter

In the Booklet of the Diploma Program, the content of this workshop was stated as follows:
  • The 4-factor method,
  • The TCI Theme,
  • Planning of TCI Interventions,
  • Introduction to written Thesis,
  • First reflections on the process of the Living Learning Groups.
The goal was to teach and repeat basics of TCI, to provide oppotunities to practice the methods and tools, to be a co-leading participant and to share the own experiences with the group.
TCI in Daily Life 

Personality Workshop
5 days

January 2007  

TCI – Tata Institute for Social Science Mumbai India  

Co-leading: Nasreen Rustomfram

Daily life is different for every human being, there are many aspects to it. Personal and professional questions matter. Family, faith, community, society, politics may be more or less important. Whether you are a businessman or a house wife, a teacher or a politician, old or young, you are deciding every day anew how to live your life. Our decision space may be smaller or bigger, depending of our situation - but within that decision space, we make our choice and lead ourselves in a certain manner. The Theme Centered Interaction (TCI) helps us lead ourselves, helps us to distinguish between important and less important issues.  In this workshop, we will experience together, how TCI can help.
TCI in Daily Life 
Personality and Methodology Workshop
5 days

February 2007  

TCI – Assumption College Changenassery Kerala India  

Co-leading: Molamma Matthew

This workshop was similar to the one in Mumbai with the same theme. It was primarely ment as a supplementary workshop for the participants in the Diploma Program of Mahatma Gandhi University in Kottayam. Therefore some additional methodology elements were added; one day was used for the formulation of themes.

My Values and your Values ... in Our World 

Personality Workshop

5 days

December 2007  

TCI – Tata Institute for Social Science Mumbai India  

Co-leading: Heide Walbrodt and Nishi Mitra

For each of us the values we live with are formed by us in connection with  our surroundings, our circumstances and our expereinces from the time of our birth.Our parents, relatives  teachers and peers  influence these values and so does our faith,our school, the community and society that we belong to.Just as our experinces in daily life as a student, a parent, a teacher, have  contributed to the development of our values, we can expect that participation in a  TCI workshop  may help us to further develop these values. Based on our values, we construct our world, the way we see and we  live in our environment. We have just one world to live in, with  limited space and restricted resources.The Theme Centered Interaction is based on values;  and a workshop based on TCI  offers  means and ways to share our values, to listen to others - maybe to even adjust some of our convictions and  redefine our values.
Working together effectively with Theme Centered Interaction:
I select the proper tools and the appropriate methods 

Methodology Workshop
5 days

Trying the balance

August 2008  

A part of the large circle

TCI – Farook College, Kozhikode, India  

Co-leading: N.P. Hafiz Mohamed

Participants: Students in the age group of 18 to 20

All the participants

In this workshop our goal will be to look at and reflect the foundations of TCI. On this base, we will experience tools and methods and practice how to use them. We will experience "Living Learning" together using several kinds of creative techniques; we will work in the plenum, interact in small or larger groups or work on our own. We will develop themes out of topics to lead our work. We will reflect the group processes we went through together and consider the tools and methods we had applied.

The Theme Centered Interaction is a well proven system for working with groups. The four aspects
  • The common task of the group,
  • the needs and ideas of the individual group members,
  • the group as a entity,
  • the actual situation or the context of the group
are considered equally important. These four factors have to be balanced dynamically, that the group may work together creatively and reach effective results.

At the end of the workshop, you will have a good knowledge about the methodology to work with TCI and you will consider to transfer some of your experience into your daily life.